Concrete Driveway & Patio Contractors in Salt Lake City

If you’re looking for concrete contractors in the Salt Lake City area for your concrete driveway, patio, slab, foundation or sidewalk installation, repair or replacement, there are many contractor choices and we would love to provide you with a free estimate from our company.

We know that you’ll appreciate the value and quality we provide. Most of our customers are either needing either residential or commercial projects completed, which range from driveways to concrete parking lots and parking garages.

    Salt Lake City Residential and Commercial Concrete Contractor

    There are many types of structures and surfaces that are built using cement as one of the main materials, and it is so because cement is a very durable material which if poured correctly can withstand incredible amount of pressure and stress. This is exactly why tall building in hurricane or earthquake prone areas are able to withstand such tremendous stress tests, the most important part is proper design.

    Durable concrete construction doesn’t happen by accident. In order for it to stand the test of time, it often has to be properly reinforced with additives like fibers and commonly used in construction, rebar.

    Residential Concrete

    Most common we bid has to do with homes, things such as driveways and patios where folks park their vehicles and have fun in the back yard. Often times when it’s a driveway job, the homeowner is trying to add extra space to park and get a driveway extension. As for patios, there are many shapes and sizes as well as finishes, but your options really depend on the size and shape of your backyard.

    Commercial Concrete & Construction

    Our mid to large sized jobs are most commonly commercial projects, which require lots of planning, permits, expertise and usually heavier equipment. Some of those jobs include new shopping complex and mall construction, building new apartment building foundations, single family homes and of course roads and parking lots. As we previously mentioned, concrete is a tough and durable material and when it’s installed correctly it will certainly serve you well, with minimal maintenance.

    Concrete Construction Services in SLC

     Concrete Driveway

    Driveways are one of the first pieces of curb appeal people see when they come visit your home, kids often play in the driveway, some even set up picnic areas and play games there. It doesn’t have to be pretty (although it’s nice), but you want it to be structurally sound and not be a present tripping hazard to those who use it. Have your driveway repaired or replaced before it becomes a liability.

    Concrete Patio

    Patios is where the families come to hang out and enjoy each other’s company. Grilling and fun is often associated with patios as well. There are many different way to make your patio stand out from the rest with different stamp and stain options for a fantastic look!

    Stamped Concrete

    One of the most artistic services we provide is stamped concrete installation and design, which is essentially a regular pour, but instead of simple brushed finish, we get out the stamping mats and make the surface look awesome!

    Some people like to make their cement look like tile, others prefer a more rugged look or a custom concrete design like you might have seen in magazines. One of the most well-recognized is a compass style. There are a ton of various designs out there, and we do have access to many different stamp mats to help create a stamped concrete finish you’ll love!

    Stained Concrete

    Concrete staining or coloring is a process to make concrete look a certain color or multiple colors. Often times stamped or decorative concrete driveways and patios are also stained for a phenomenal look. There are different ways to get the staining completed. For new pours and replacements, the dye is usually added prior to cement being delivered, therefore the concrete is already the color you’ll want. When cement is being stained after the fact, the process is more hands on and you basically paint the existing concrete slab.

    Concrete Foundations

    Generally, builders are the ones who contract us to pour foundations for new construction homes and buildings, but every once in a while we have individual families hire our company to pour a foundation for a home which they are building on their own as a custom project. There are many sayings about foundations and how any type of success (relationships or business) cannot be build with a weak or faulty foundation, well, it’s definitely that way with any type of a building, foundations must be strong and installed properly, other you’ll be paying much more down the road for foundation repair work which can cost quite a few bucks.

    In other words, foundation work is one of those thing you don’t want to leave to chance or try and save a few bucks on.

    Concrete Slabs

    Many flat concrete surfaces are commonly referred to as slabs. A slab can be part of a driveway, a patio or even a sidewalk. Slab is generally a poured flat piece of cement with a certain thickness and pressure rating. Most residential and light commercial slabs are poured using either 3000 or 4000 psi concrete.

    Concrete is a straight forward and versatile material, but it does take skill to pour and more importantly finish it correctly, please check out the video below which goes through the whole evolution if you were to do a small portion yourself:

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    Frequently asked questions

    Q: Do you provide estimates to replace or install new concrete?

    A: We absolutely do! If you need a fair quote for you concrete project, be sure to give us a call.

    Q: Do you need a down payment to book a job on your calendar?

    A: It’s on a case by case basis and depends on how long before we can get to your project. Be sure to ask our estimator at the time of appointment and you’ll get the most up to date answer.

    Q: How long does a concrete driveway last?

    A: We get this question a lot and it honestly depends on what the surface is used for, how much traffic it gets and how well its cared for. Some people get 20-30 years our of their properly installed patio, others barely get 5 years before needing a replacement. Simply be aware of what you’re putting on your concrete and it will last you a long time.

    Q: Does a concrete contractor need to enter my home?

    A: In most cases, all concrete work is done outside and does NOT require workers to enter your home. For jobs like foundation repair, garage floors and concrete flooring we may need access to your home’s interior.

    Q: What jobs can concrete contractors do?

    A: Concrete contractors most commonly work with removal, replacement and installation of concrete patios, driveways, slabs, foundations, footings as well as repairs and expansions of existing concrete. Some companies do only certain, more complex projects like building construction and more structural work.

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